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Looking for new data staff? You’re not alone.


Businesses want to unlock the power of data to transform their business operations and better serve their clients, but today most organizations lack the skills, processes and technology to leverage data effectively. In fact, 61 percent of U.S. companies agree that inaccurate data is undermining their ability to provide an excellent customer experience. Experian Data Quality’s new report Investing in digital transformation: The year’s most sought-after data roles reveals that organizations are investing heavily in new data-specific positions to combat these challenges.

The most sought-after data roles this year include a mix of business- and regulation-focused positions, both key areas for leveraging information. The top role being recruited today is the data analyst — 46 percent of U.S. organizations are planning to hire data analysts in the next year. These roles can be placed within many areas of the business, from finance to marketing. Other important roles include data protection officers, compliance officers and chief data officers (CDOs). Findings from the report also showed that 51 percent of C-level executives say they plan to hire a CDO in the next 12 months.

“Data has become a strategic asset — often the most important strategic asset — for many businesses. That means they need to invest in innovative ways to maintain, control, access and leverage data,” said Thomas Schutz, senior vice president and general manager for Experian Data Quality. “Since data is a high priority, it’s not surprising that we’re seeing such a keen focus on hiring in these areas. While the talent shortage around data roles is certainly a challenge for many businesses, organizations need to come up with creative ways to attract and maintain this talent to keep up with the changing business landscape.”

Other key findings:

  • According to C-level respondents, the top roles being hired in 2017 are chief data officers, data protection officers and data analysts.
  • More than half of organizations use data to better serve their customers and increase revenue.
  • 97 percent of companies use data to power business opportunities.

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