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The Email Validation Advisory Series features exclusive educational content around the benefits of email validation technology.

Each week you will be able to download a new guide or exclusive interview. The guides offer practical advice and market insight, geared to support your with your own email initiatives.

Check out the entire Advisory Series content below:

Week 1: Research Report - The state of email 2014

Written in conjunction with B2B Marketing, our 2014 research report looks at current market trends around email, how marketers are using it and the issues they face in making email communications more effective.

Week 2: Advisory Note - Maximising the value of your email communications

Our Email Deliverability Advisory Note looks at the true cost of your emails not reaching the inbox and what you can do to improve the health of your email lists.

Week 3: Interview - digitalbox uses email validation to boost their reputation and drive revenue

We interview Alex Attinger, CEO of performance marketing organisation digitalbox, to find out why he relies on email validation to make his business fly.

Week 4: Guide - How to choose an email validation supplier

This week we share our Email Validation Buyer's Guide which will help you make the right decision when choosing a validation supplier.