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Business Data

What are the benefits of additional business data?

Enhanced decision making

Enhancing your existing contact data will mean decisions are based on accurate and reliable data.

Effective and relevant communications

Appending your contact information will ensure your messages reach your customers and prospects and the message remains relevant based on enhanced segmentation.

Single Customer View

Using business referential data to improve customer matching result, identify unique business entities for improved quality data, targeted and personalised messaging.

What does business data include?

  • ABN/ACN validation and append
  • Company Trading Name and Append
  • Full Address Confirmation
  • Business Phone number append
  • Estimated annual revenue
  • Estimated number of employees
  • The latest ANZSIC codes
  • Industry Clarification
  • Highest decision maker name

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  • Contains 2.79 million business records
  • Dataset add-on to our full suite of address solutions
  • 120,000 monthly updates to the Experian National Business Database
  • Data drawn from 10 independent sources
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