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Postcode Address File - PAF®

What makes our PAF® file unique?

Superior quality of addresses

Using PAF® removes inconsistencies and duplicates from your address list, while ensuring it is standardised correctly. A number of cleaning and suppression exercises are performed on the data, making our data superior to competitors.

Compact storage

We compress the address file into a more manageable size (roughly 85% reduction). This makes it easier to store the data and provides benefits when accessing the data across networks

Additional features

Our enhanced PAF® file is available in Welsh. It also includes non-required localities and postal counties.

Key elements of our enhanced PAF® data

  • Includes additional data than the Royal Mail PAF® file
  • Includes over 29 million addresses and 1.7 million postcodes
  • Includes data on every delivery point in the UK, both residential and non-residential addresses
  • Provides standardised data, removes duplicates and inconsistencies
  • Vigorous cleaning and compression routine



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