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Real-time Email Validation

How it works

Real-time email validation

Options for Real-Time Email Validation


  • Powerful technology that instantly verifies business, consumer and international domains
  • Flexible implementation options that can be used everywhere email addresses are collected
  • Corrections logic to identify misspellings and typo traps
  • Illegitimate and disposable domain detection to protect your email list from harmful addresses
  • Enterprise-grade solution hosted in Experian data centers and protected by Experian security standards that ensures your data is always protected

Real-time email validation from Experian Data Quality

  • Superior technology to identify invalid emails before they enter your system
  • Clear, actionable email response codes
  • Flexible implementation options wherever email addresses are collected
  • Experian’s trusted secure data and privacy standards
  • Access to our email marketing and deliverability experts

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