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Experian Pandora for Data Quality Management

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Engineered for modern data quality demands

Due to the sheer increase in volume and complexity of the modern data landscape, many data quality management solutions have struggled to keep pace due to outdated architecture. Fortunately, these modern data demands were precisely the environment Experian Pandora was designed for.

Experian Pandora delivers exceptional productivity and performance due to its unique correlation architecture. This revolutionary approach enables instant profiling analytics, relationship discovery and high speed data quality processing, ensuring rapid time to value and productivity amongst your data quality teams.

What are the key benefits using Experian Pandora?

Outstanding performance

Experian Pandora features a unique architecture that enables huge volumes of data to be processed whilst giving you near-instant data quality analysis, assessment and impact reporting.

A complete data quality solution

Experian Pandora combines industry leading data profiling and data discovery with flexible data matching, data quality assessment, parsing, monitoring and reporting, for any data domain.

Rapid time-to-value and productivity

Experian Pandora is designed for non-technical, business users, who need to hit the ground running with minimal training. Collaboration and workflow enables rapid team productivity and early results.

Accurate reporting at all levels

Experian Pandora features reporting for the whole organisation. Senior management can observe and visualise the financial impact of data quality using interactive graphs and charts.

Streamlined business processes

Experian Pandora allows you to discover, map and improve complex information chains of your core processes, ensuring greater operational efficiency through robust data quality improvement.

Operationalised data governance

Roll out data governance with automatic alerts, audit trails, data stewardship, issue resolution, data quality rules, data standards, business glossaries, financial impact analysis and data policy enforcement.

You can deploy Experian Pandora very quickly. Business users like it because it is easy to get to grips with and it is straightforward and easy to use.

Richard O'Neill Data Quality Manager, Financial Times

What are the capabilities of Experian Pandora?

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  • All stages of data quality strategy supported
  • Market leading performance and ease of use
  • Unique correlation architecture delivers outstanding performance
  • Installs in minutes and requires zero administration and minimal user training

Immediate visibility into what is really happening with our data has presented incredibly valuable, insights. Pandora is incredibly quick and it’s very intuitive.

Steven Miles Data Quality Manager, Speedy Hire Plc
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