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Leverage actionable insights

Data is at the heart of every organization. Make sure your data is fit-for-purpose so that you can leverage actionable insights based on data you trust.  

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Make powerful, data-driven decisions, every time.

of organizations use data to power business. 

of organizations say that they rely on educated guesses or gut feelings to make decisions based on their data. 

of organizations spend a majority of their time preparing data for insight. 

* Source: 2017 Global Research Report

Ensure your data is fit for purpose so that you can make better, faster, more strategic decisions.

Organizations today strive to be data driven. That means leveraging your data to power business decisions. These decisions need to be based on data you trust. 

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  • Maximize revenue opportunities
  • Ensure the best customer experience
  • Reduce costs and eliminate waste
  • Increase business performance

Make trustworthy decisions a priority

of business users say they can’t trust their data to make important business decisions.

  • If you can’t trust your data, how can your customers?
  • Make decisions with facts and data, not with gut feelings.
  • Having accurate data will help your business make stronger decisions.

Quality data powers business opportunities.

Expand existing business opportunities.

Develop more efficient business operations.

Strengthen customer communication and improve the customer experience.

View your data holistically to identify trends and relationships. 

Leverage your data

Be certain you are only working with accurate data, and that you have an effective way to manage the information.

Making strategic decisions based off of your data is an essential component of being a data-driven organization. These decisions need to be based on data you trust. With our verification solutions, you can be sure only accurate, up to date information is entered into your database. This will help you be certain that you are working with the best possible information, every time. 

Once you have accurate and complete data in your database, you need to be able to effectively manage it. A complete data management strategy can be achieved through data profiling, relationship discovery between siloed information, and creating business specific data definitions. With an effective data management strategy, you can maximize every business opportunity. 

Drive value from every customer interaction. Achieve a single customer view and append data attributes to be certain you’re reaching the right customers with the right messages. 


The ability to leverage actionable insights is important. This can only come with a complete data strategy.

At Experian, we strive to help you make the most out of your data. Ensure your data is up to date, accurate, and complete so that you can leverage actionable decisions within your organization. Discover how we can help you become a data-driven business.