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2010 was 'positive year for digital marketing'

Rachel Wheeler Archive
A rebound in US e-commerce spending, important innovations and an increase in demand for online advertising ensured that 2010 was a positive year for digital marketing.

This is according to the comScore 2010 US Digital Year in Review report, which recaps key trends seen over the past year, with an emphasis on how marketers can capitalize on these in 2011.

Indeed, the independent analyst explained that the improving economic environment had helped to contribute to significant growth in the digital media industry.

New technologies and innovative marketing strategies ensured that there were “an unprecedented number of options to consumers as digital media continued to weave itself even tighter into the fabric of US consumers’ daily lives”.

“As we embark on a promising 2011, marketers must have a sound understanding of the digital media landscape and how it is changing if they hope to capitalize on key trends that can drive their business into the future,” said comScore chairman Gian Fulgoni.

Posted by Paul Newman