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Monthly Archives: August 2014

Optimizing marketing automation with email validation

Marketing automation tools are a wonderful thing. They are designed to make a marketer’s job infinitely easier, and allow them to execute some truly extraordinary campaigns. However, if the integrated nature of these campaigns is the circulatory network of veins, then email addresses are its blood.

Without valid, deliverable email addresses, marketing campaigns will flounder.

Dan Zarrella at HubSpot conducted some research across 40,000 HubSpot customers that revealed if you reduce your form fields on your ‘Contact Us’ page from four to three, conversions increased by 50%. Who wouldn’t want more conversions on their forms?

The problem is many marketers feel the sales team needs every bit of that information and therefore need every one of those form fields.

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Gain buy in for contact data validation

In today’s digital age, data is king. Companies are now warehousing higher volumes of consumer data through more channels than ever before. This data is helping to improve the user experience and customer satisfaction, facilitating more intelligent business decisions and generating overall gains in revenue.

With such high volumes of data being collected, businesses are also faced with the reality of a lack of data integrity and data accuracy. A high level of inaccurate data puts limits on how data can be used, which creates lost time, money and opportunities.

One way organizations can improve accuracy is by utilizing contact data validation. Software tools can be implemented at any point of capture to ensure the accuracy of valuable customer information, such as email address, mailing address and telephone number. This translates to decreased costs and resources associated with incorrect contact information.

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Why Do I Have "Unknown" Results In My List?

Our first-time customers often have a lot to ask about our "unknown" result code. While every situation varies, we break down the commonly asked questions about this result group, below.


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Experian announces partnership with Ubuntu Education Fund investing in education within South Africa

Today, Experian has announced their partnership with the Ubuntu Education Fund. A non-profit organization with a simple, all –encompassing, yet radical mission: to help raise South African township children by providing them with what all children deserve – everything.

Experian’s partnership comes out of a mission of our own: a commitment to investing in the infrastructure of the developing nations in which we operate.

There is no greater example of this than in Port Elizabeth, South Africa. It’s an area that sees unemployment hover at 40%, with youth unemployment at 50%; a major contributor to a country that has over 7.4 million people unemployed.

The unemployment epidemic is strongly correlated to the access children have to quality education and essential school supplies which support their learning environment. This access in Port Elizabeth is still largely restricted because of the struggle to recuperate from apartheid rule.

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