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Monthly Archives: September 2014

3 reasons your customer on-boarding isn’t working

We live in a world in which people want and expect information at their fingertips at all times through all channels. In the utility space, it’s no different, and especially important during on-boarding, when you first start a customer relationship. Not having a quick and efficient on-boarding process can mean a poor customer experience and significant increases in operational inefficiencies.

A customer’s first impression of your company happens when they start services. That’s why it’s so important to make the on-boarding process as quick and efficient as possible.

Here are three primary reasons that your customer on-boarding could be problematic (and some simple ways to avoid issues):

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The top 5 email list hygiene mistakes

Email is the most popular marketing communication channel. On the surface, email marketing seems relatively inexpensive and easy-to-do. However, there are many challenges to fully leveraging the channel.

A very deceiving area is the email marketing database. While it seems like you would just collect emails and then send to them, there are far more complications. Poor email list hygiene can lead to an inability to communicate with subscribers and a poor sender reputation. When this occurs, any investment in the email marketing channel is worthless and can seriously damage the effectiveness of an email marketing program.

In email list hygiene, there are several common mistakes, which include:

  1. Treating all subscribers the same
  2. Purchasing email lists
  3. Letting email addresses go stale and out-of-date
  4. Failing to collect email addresses on every channel
  5. Looking at the wrong metrics

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