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Monthly Archives: December 2015

Death of a mailman?

Shirley Zhao Data cleansing

At this very moment, you have 52 unread emails idling in your inbox. 36 of these mails you deem to be actually relevant to your job, due to the subject line. As for the rest, you delete, mark them as spam or just outright block the sender. What does the way we handle email tell us? It might be time to take a look at a different mailbox...the one in your front yard.

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Forrester Research releases Data Quality Tools Wave evaluation

Experian Data Quality continues to show our strength in the data quality market. We were recently named a Strong Performer in the Forrester Research December 2015 report: The Forrester Wave™: Data Quality Solutions, Q4 2015.

I believe this further demonstrates that we are providing our customers with products and services that help them get the most out of their data through easy-to-implement and easy-to-use software tools that enable anyone in the organization to gain data insight.

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Insights and inside jokes from Email Insider Summit

“No man ever steps in the same river twice for it is not the same river and he is not the same man.” - Heraclitus

While writing this 35,000 feet in the air, I’m thinking back on this quote said during the opening keynote session on the first day of Email Insider Summit, and it couldn’t be more true. This was my first EIS event—hosted by Media Post, to whom I owe a thank-you for a wonderfully run event—and I had no idea what to expect. What I realized after the end of this three-day event is that those in the email industry are some of the closest-knit, snarkiest, and most passionate group of people who could work in an industry. I came out of this event with a lot more knowledge than when I came in.

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The Data Quality Improvement Assessment

Data is arguably the most important asset to your organization. In an ideal world, data connects the technical and non-technical users in the business through common definitions and processes that can then be used to make critical business decisions. Unfortunately, very few companies are able to leverage their data in this way today.

Organizations are beginning to recognize the need for a centralized data management strategy, but oftentimes they aren’t sure how their data management initiatives fare today and how they could get started on the path to an optimized data strategy for the future.

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