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28% of US firms using cloud computing

Rachel Wheeler Archive
Research has found that around 28 per cent of organizations in the US are using cloud computing.

Conducted by CDW LLC, the report questioned 1,200 IT professionals familiar with their organization's use of cloud computing or their plans to implement it.

The vast majority (73 per cent) of those taking their first step into the cloud were choosing to implement a single cloud application.

Meanwhile, 84 per cent of groups questioned stated that they have already employed at least one application although most do not identify themselves as cloud users who are implementing and maintaining cloud computing.

David Cottingham, senior director of managed services at the research group, commented: "Many organizations are carefully – and selectively – moving into cloud computing, as well they should, because it represents a significant shift in how computing resources are provided and managed.

"With thoughtful planning, organizations can realize benefits that align directly with their organizational goals: consolidated IT infrastructure, reduced IT energy and capital costs, and 'anywhere' access to documents and applications."