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90210 ZIP Code faced change

Rachel Wheeler Archive
The California zip code made famous by popular television show Beverly Hills 90210 faced a change recently, according to a report from the Beverly Hills Courier.

Local councilman John Mirisch floated the idea in light of the fact that the Beverly Hills Post Office is in Los Angeles and not Beverly Hills, although it still carries the 90210 zip code.

The issue can cause problems with zip code verification when emergency services are responding to calls or trying to ascertain jurisdiction between crews in Beverly Hills and in Los Angeles, while it can also cause delays in student enrolment.

Mr Mirisch told the paper: "In prior times the Post Office was not open to changes. That has changed in recent years. The time has come for us, Beverly Hills, to be under one zip code."

Strong opposition was mounted against the move, including up to 7,000 local residents living within the Beverly Hills Post Office community, and the council voted against the idea.

In related news, Valentine Station Post Office in Loveland, Colorado, will remain open with the implementation of a few money-saving changes, according to the Coloradoan.