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911 location-finding 'not always accurate'

Rachel Wheeler Archive
Straightforward 911 services are not always able to identify the location of an emergency caller, it has been stressed.

Writing for, Wake County 911 Center director Barry Furey commented that there are over 700 telephony services providers operating nationwide and some of them require customers to register their own 911 location.

If residents make a mistake in this process, or move without updating their information, an incorrect address will be displayed at the emergency center, he continued.

Mr Furey added: "While normally accurate, it is not necessarily pin-point and doesn't provide elevation information. In other words, if you're calling from a downtown area we don't know what floor you're on or maybe even what building you're in without asking."

Earlier this week, it was announced that 13 insurance companies in Kentucky were named in a class action lawsuit for failing to assign their customers to the correct tax jurisdiction because of confusion over their zip codes.