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911 texting 'will improve emergency efficiency'

Rachel Wheeler Archive
Witnesses to crimes in Tennessee will be able to surreptitiously text 911 services without tipping off criminals from next year thanks to new technology being installed in emergency centers, it has been revealed.

The system will allow Shelby County services to use popular forms of communication such as text messaging, according to the Montgomery Advertiser.

In some instances making a call may be enough to alert the perpetrator to the presence of a witness, allowing them to escape or putting more people in danger, the new provider added.

John Ellison, executive director of Shelby E911, told the newspaper: "It will let us start getting data, where now we just get telephone calls."

Regarding communication between staff and their office, he added: "We want to be able to send them a picture and say 'here's the car you're looking for'."

This week, emergency services in New Jersey told the Newark Advocate they are to update their 911 database to remove confusion about where car accidents have taken place on the Ohio 161 freeway.