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A clean email database, and other must-haves in direct marketing

Richard Jones Archive

Of the many reasons that companies today have to care about data quality, one of the primary ones currently coming into focus is direct marketing. Perhaps the No. 1 reason that organizations need clean data is that when they attempt to contact people and deliver them promotional messages, they need to have contact information that's accurate and up to date.

According to Biz Community, companies get into trouble when they try to take shortcuts with email data quality. If they rush the information management process - either by buying third-party email addresses or making mistakes with their own private databases - they may end up using emails that are misspelled, outdated or have any number of other problems. Louise Robinson, sales director at CG Consulting, told the news source that organizations need to be careful.
"Make sure your data is tailor-made and clean, and be wary of anyone wanting to give you a database of emails," Robinson cautioned. "Legitimate companies should be doing the delivery for you so that recipients will recognize the sender and you won't fall foul of spamming conventions."
That's not the only concern with email marketing, of course. Here are two other key factors to keep in mind:
Good timing