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Absentee ballots lacking sufficient postage to be covered by Pierce County

Rachel Wheeler Archive
Residents using absentee ballots to vote in upcoming elections in Pierce County, Washington state, will have part of the cost paid for by the county if they use insufficient postage.

Voting on an absentee ballot will cost 61 cents and county auditor Jan Shabro has reassured residents that due to an unpublicized rule ballots sent with postage below this figure will be covered by the county to ensure they are counted, reports the News Tribune.

Ms Shabro said the rule had not been publicized in a bid to ensure all absentee ballots are sent with the correct postage.

The auditor told the paper: "I think most people are honest and will either put the correct postage on their return envelopes or will use our express booths, ballot drop boxes or bring their ballots to the polls so they will not have to pay any postage."

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