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Abundance of data should be 'viewed as an opportunity'

Rachel Wheeler Archive
Costs associated with data storage and compliance are proving to be a "headache" for a number of small and large enterprises, it has been suggested.

According to an article by Search Business Analytics, ever-expanding growth in data is proving to be troublesome, but could also offer organizations a chance to grow.

Indeed, Bill Gassman, a data expert for Gartner, believes that this increase in customer, product and market data should be viewed as an opportunity.

"Provide people data about their environment," Mr Gassman told the news provider. "And everybody becomes a lot more sensitive to how patterns are impacting the business.

"As organizations become familiar with the techniques and value of modeling and adapting to patterns, the culture will evolve to seek them out, almost unconsciously."

The news may also lead to an increase in the number of companies looking the implement data quality solutions, with poor and inaccurate data cited as a real business problem which can have a negative impact on growth.

Posted by Richard Jones