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Abundance of information makes data quality measures 'more important'

Rachel Wheeler Archive
The importance of implementing data quality measures in business has been highlighted in a blog post for Smart Data Collective.

Writing for the website, Jim Harris drew attention to the fact that in modern society data exists everywhere in daily life and as such presents individuals with opportunities to extract "meaningful insights", which can be utilized within business.

In addition, he claimed that the vast quantity of information now available has led to data quality measures taking on a newfound importance.

"An organization's success is measured by the quality of its results, which are dependent on the quality of its business decisions, which rely on the quality of its information, which is based on the quality of its data," Mr Harris noted.

Furthermore, he stated that the fact that data exists in areas outside traditional databases presents companies with a new challenge which they must meet.

Recent research conducted by leading information technology research and advisory company Gartner found that businesses are planning to invest more money in their IT systems in 2010.

Posted by Rachel Wheeler