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Accurate customer data is a company's 'most valuable asset'

Rachel Wheeler Archive

Housing accurate customer contact data should be viewed as one of a company's most valuable assets, it has been suggested.

Writing for TCM Net, Susan Campbell explained that without proper address verification software, organizations face making mistakes when attempting to connect with their clients.

Ms Campbell highlights some of the problems which can be faced by businesses which do not employ specialized data collection tools including duplicate addresses, incorrect street name formats, misspellings and incorrect ZIP codes.

"These errors are the result of a process that allowed addresses to be entered directly into the mainframe with little validation," the industry expert said.

Meanwhile, an earlier article on the site advised businesses that address verification software helps to reduce costs incurred through inaccurate, inconsistent and duplicate data.

The comments come after the news provider published an article which suggested that the tools are a useful method of retaining a large customer base.

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