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Accurate data quality must be customer focused

Rachel Wheeler Archive
Ensuring that you have accurate data quality is of upmost importance for businesses looking to maximize their potential, it has been claimed.

In an article by Data Quality Pro, Dylan Jones highlights the importance of precision and accuracy in data quality.

He states that many businesses make the mistake of focusing on the features rather than the benefits of services thinking about how data quality can improve life for the data consumer, not the customer.

He writes: "In many cases, the dimensions of data quality you are aiming to improve are completely at odds to my goals as the person funding your project."

Mr Jones explained that a recent white paper report had triggered him to write about the subject.

"The paper stated that by following a structured methodology we can establish how complete, accurate, timely and consistent our data is. What I found completely missing from this paper was the focus on the end customer."

His comments come in the wake of a paper which said that marketers were expected to "spread their wings" when it came to marketing this year.