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Accurate information ensures success in email campaigns

Rachel Wheeler Archive
A recent survey highlighted the importance of email address verification for companies seeking to generate sales from web-based marketing.

Epsilon found that only 6 percent of people view the internet as a trustworthy source of information. The abundance of emails, video ads and pop-ups, combined with the presence of scams online, have created a cluttered environment that businesses have difficulty breaking through. 

Since consumers do not trust email communications, companies attempting to capture new leads from an email campaign are likely to have their ad filtered or considered trash. However, there are ways around this, as many organizations have included email as part of successful marketing campaigns.

Companies that create an email list from customers or visitors to their site are likely see a higher rate of return if they validate the data, ensuring the campaign reaches the right people. The validation process also allows businesses to check key demographic information that can help target consumer groups.

Targeting a specific audience can generate a high rate of return, by allowing teams to focus on the customer's specific needs. Companies that utilize email address verification could set themselves apart with their successful, cost-effective campaigns.