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Accurate mailing lists are the number one priority for direct mail campaigns

Rachel Wheeler Archive
The importance of using good data quality lists in direct marketing campaigns has been highlighted by a new article.

According to a report by Advertising Direct Mail, direct marketing professionals place lists as the single most important element of a mailing campaign, yet many businesses still overlook them.

The article states: "Direct mail is the most powerful advertising medium available - bar none. Put the right offer in front of the right customer and they will buy."

It recommended that companies compiled lists of previous customers and used this to build a loyal customer base through regular mailing.

Another tactic the website suggested was buying lists with potential customer information.

However, it stressed the need for businesses to know their target audience before purchasing to ensure that the data quality was accurate and likely to be effective.

Earlier this year, Target Marketing Magazine recommended US marketers used online resources to find postal mailing addresses.

It highlighted the effectiveness of combining a web-based approach to sourcing information with the more personalized direct mail campaign when targeting certain demographics.

Posted by Paul Newton