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Achieve instant efficiency improvements with unified data storage

Rachel Wheeler Archive
Data management processes can be made instantly more efficient through the introduction of unified storage, it has been suggested.

While adopting a single storage solution will eventually make data management easier, there will be a period of adjustment to a new way of doing things, according to the chairman of the Storage Networking Industry Association Europe, Bob Plumridge.

However, the efficiency benefits of using the system are instantaneous, Mr Plumridge explains.

"It's more efficient from day one, as when your requirements change, you can move the storage you need from application to application without having to physically move anything. It's all moved on a logical basis, rather than a physical basis," he continued.

Strong data management processes are essential to record a return on investment in marketing, according to Tim Altier, director of business analytics and insight at Bridgz Marketing Group.

Knowing how to store and use the data gathered from customers is integral to a well-targeted marketing campaign, he added.

Posted by Richard Jones