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Address changes to be introduced in McAlester for 911 plan

Rachel Wheeler Archive
An assortment of properties positioned towards the edge of the city boundary in McAlester, Oklahoma, are to have their addresses changed to accommodate a 911 plan.

Authorities are in the process of developing a Pittsburg County 911 system that will have 1,000 addresses in every mile of coverage, so the affected McAlester properties are likely to have their addresses changed to fill this quota, reports McAlester News-Capital.

In order to give people time to adjust to the new address details, there will be an overlap period when both old and new addresses will be valid.

The 911 system is designed to allocate phone numbers to a specific piece of address data so that should an individual have to call for help, the emergency services automatically know where the call is coming from.

This could be especially beneficial if the caller is unable to communicate effectively for whatever reason.

In other news, low-income families seeking to collect food parcels from Marin Community Food Bank in Marin County, California, will be asked to provide address verification to prove they are eligible to receive it, according to the Marin Independent Journal.