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Address cleaning tools increasing in popularity

Rachel Wheeler Archive

An increasing number of businesses are looking to standardize and update their mailing lists using address cleaning tools.

The technology is particularly useful to companies which use direct mailing solutions as a means of contacting their customers, according to Address Logics.

Indeed, the organization explained that the tools can be used by businesses of all sizes and help to reduce the likelihood of returned mail.

"Address cleansing and direct mailing solutions offer an alternative to spending hours researching or chancing expensive mailings to addresses that have been changed or are no longer valid," said Robert Liebertz, CEO of Address Logics.

Earlier this month, TCM Net reported that Experian QAS address verification software had helped to reduce one online retailer's costs.

According to Experian QAS, implementing the technology had helped cut costs associated with logistics and care costs by $1 million.

Working at the checkout stage, the tool automatically corrects minor mistakes and prompts customers to fix errors.

Posted by Rachel Wheeler