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Address data: 50% of firms will revise privacy policies by end of 2012

Rachel Wheeler Archive
Posted by Richard Jones

Half of all firms will need to revise their privacy policies by the end of 2012, which could include companies handling address data.
Research published by Gartner has shown that a combination of cloud computing, growing usage of location-based services and regulatory changes will all drive this pattern.
Carsten Casper, research director at Gartner, has highlighted the fact that privacy concerns are exacerbated by the low budgets which are allocatedto dealing with data security.
Among the key drivers behind the trend that he identified include the difficulty of determining in quantifiable terms the value of privacy and the protection it requires.
The organization said: "Personal information has hardly any value or sensitivity. Rather, it depends on how data is being processed. There is no right or wrong. Finding the balance between 'not enough' protection and 'too much' protection is an ongoing process."
Earlier this month, MWR InfoSecurity director Alex Fidgen claimed that data security audits should form part of companies' procurement processes.