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Address data analytics 'is a technology that will grow in capability'

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Posted by Rachel Wheeler

Analytics is one of the key areas that will continue to grow in both capability and applicability, a leading organization has claimed.
Gartner's 2011 Hype Cycle has identified the storage and manipulation of raw information, including address data, as a big growth area where technologies designed to create value and insight will continue to thrive.
While predictive analytics is approaching maturity, the industry continues to apply this to new areas and for new sources of data leading to improvements in the core techniques.
It also identified computational advances as a driver for change, with memory database management systems and big dates increasing the practice's scope and scale.
Jackie Fenn, vice president and Gartner fellow, stated that the Hype Cycle study is a broad aggregate that features those technologies that are the centre of attention.
She said: "[It] targets strategic planning, innovation and emerging technology professionals by highlighting a set of technologies that will have broad-ranging impact across the business."
A recent Gartner report predicted that 50 per cent of companies that deal with address data will need to revise their privacy policies by the end of 2012.