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Address data could change for 600 residents in Los Angeles County

Rachel Wheeler Archive
Almost 600 residents of Rowlands Heights in Los Angeles County, California, may soon find their address data details them as living within nearby Diamond Bar.

The 600 residents of Rowlands Heights live in 151 properties that share many of the same public services as Diamond Bar and one of their ZIP Codes is already the same as one used by Diamond Bar, reports the Los Angeles Newspaper Group.

A protest hearing will be held today (October 13th) to hear any arguments from the residents, but no opposition is expected due to the existing similarities shared by the two communities.

City manager James DeStefano told the news service: "It'll be a seamless transition. We can't wait to provide services, especially with our parks and recreation services."

He added that once Rowlands Heights is officially part of Diamond Bar, residents will be able to get city permits, as well as voting rights.

In other news, address verification is being sought be a council member in Indian Trail, North Carolina, as the town currently has five separate ZIP Codes, according to the Charlotte Observer.