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Address data quality as part of information governance strategies

Rachel Wheeler Archive
Data quality issues can be addressed as part of an effective information governance strategy, organizations have been told.

According to industry commentator Bridget Mintz Testa, a holistic approach to data management is the most effective when it comes to governance procedures.

She was examining recent advice handed out by David Hatch, senior vice-president, general manager and data management analyst at the Aberdeen Group.

And writing for the Processor website, she explained that many of the best-performing companies employed effective data quality measures as part of their information governance strategy.

"Before selecting a data management solution, analyze what data your enterprise needs and why, how the data is used, who uses it and where and when employees use it," Ms Mintz Testa said.

"Make sure the solution isn't too complicated for anyone but experts and that it integrates well with the rest of the company's applications."

According to the results of a recent IDC-commissioned report, organizations that gave their workers 24 hours of formal training on data quality were ahead of their competitors.

Posted by Rachel Wheeler