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Address data quantity demands increasing, expert claims

Rachel Wheeler Archive
The quantity of address data being fed into master data management initiatives is expanding, an expert asserts.

Andy Hayler, chief executive officer of the Information Difference, tells that the capacity of these applications has grown by ten times in the last few years.

He emphasises the availability of tools to enable address checking, with data quality firewalls allowing companies to ensure replicated entries are highlighted.

"There is no shortage of business use cases in the world where data quality processing has to be applied to large volumes of data," he asserts.

Mr Hayler tells the news provider that this could be expanded to encompass analytics in the future, with a number of vendors offering applications in this area.

Earlier this month, stated that data quality was becoming increasingly important due to a higher level of awareness at the C-level of businesses.

The way solutions are being implemented is changing due to differences in participation, deployment and strategy, the website reported.