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Address data relating to broadband availability to be mapped in Arkansas

Rachel Wheeler Archive
Arkansas is to benefit from $2.1 million of federal funding to help map address data in relation to the quality of broadband services available in the state.

The Department of Commerce's National Telecommunications and Information Administration (NTIA) is to provide $1.6 million to help collect and map the raw data over two years, while an additional $500,000 will help plan the state's broadband activities for five years, reports the City Wire.

Funds will be distributed through Connect Arkansas and the findings will contribute to the data quality of a national broadband map that will utilize address data to reveal the level of broadband services available in public buildings.

C Sam Walls III of the Arkansas Capital Corp, the organization that manages Connect Arkansas, told the website: "Arkansas gets pegged for being last on a lot of things, but on this we are out front and I think that's why you are seeing us get this early."

In other news, the Government Accountability Office's preparation for next year's census has found 4.5 million duplicate addresses throughout the US, according to FederalComputerWeek.