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Address data to be posted by dock owners on Missouri lakes

Rachel Wheeler Archive
People who own docks on lakes in Missouri will be required to post information regarding the nearest emergency address from January under a new law.

The Missouri Water Patrol has suggested address data be posted so it can be seen easily from the water and three-inch letters on a contrasting background color have been recommended for use, reports

Owners can include information such as street name and ZIP Code, or the emergency address together with its ZIP Code.

The law is intended to help authorities respond more quickly to emergency situations and to provide useful information for boaters who may be stranded on the water and need to orient themselves.

In other news, the Chicago Sun-Times has reported that address data is factor in determining how much Chicago residents pay for their health insurance.

ZIP Code verification has revealed people pay different sums depending on where they live in the city, with suburban prices often less than inner city areas.