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Address duplication problems to reduce redundancy

Rachel Wheeler Archive
Many companies today know the value of collecting customer information. The data collected from loyal consumers can help better promote a product and lead to an increase in market share.

As an incentive for answering a survey or providing key information, many companies offer special discounts or promotions. However, this can lead to duplication of customer information, as consumers attempt to sign up repeatedly for bigger discounts.

This duplication can cost a business millions of dollars in marketing costs. Companies that are unable or unwilling to run the data through duplication software are likely to replicate personalized material information and send it to the same customer multiple times. Clearing data of the repeated information can help speed the marketing process and help make campaigns more efficient. Weeding out duplication is just the first step in creating an accurate customer database.

Data management software can also help fill missing information. As details are gathered through a number of means, they will likely have slightly different statistics. Each survey may have focused on different parts of a customer profile, so combining them into one file will help companies more accurately assess their clients' needs.