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Address management especially important during tax season

Paul Newman Archive

Pretty much all public and private organizations have a need for strong address management practices. For any office that works with large volumes of consumer data that includes contact information, it's important to make sure that knowledge is accurate. If addresses are wrong for any reason - human error, technical malfunction or just outdatedness - these mistakes need to be rectified.

If they're not, the consequences can be serious. Address management problems can be especially costly during tax season, when government offices need to get important confidential information out to taxpayers in a timely fashion. When mistakes happen, people take notice. Consider the case of Wichita, Kan., where hundreds of tax receipts were recently mailed to the wrong addresses.

According to local news broadcaster KWCH Eyewitness News, a Sedgwick County tax department recently sent about 1,400 of its 56,000 tax receipts to the incorrect recipients. This was partly due to a printing error, which occurred when print jobs were botched and the receipts weren't properly folded and placed into envelopes.

A spokesperson for the department said that printing was likely a major reason for the incorrect mailings, though address problems can't be ruled out, either.

"It is likely that some of the mailed receipts, but we do not know the specific number, were folded in a way in which the address window in the envelope does not show a valid address and will thus be rejected and returned to the county by the postal service," the source wrote in an email.

These compromised receipts included the property owners' names, addresses, abbreviated property descriptions, PIN numbers and the amounts they paid in taxes. It's imperative that these organizations don't let this confidential information about their customers leak out. Address management solutions can help prevent these mishaps from occurring.