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Address management is a driving force behind effective mail delivery

Paul Newman Archive

All organizations that collect contact information, public and private, must have an emphasis on address management. If they collect incorrect addresses for companies or individuals, they risk wasting time and money on mistaken mailings. These errors are embarrassing and difficult to correct.

One group in particular that needs to have accurate addresses is the postal service. This seems obvious, but there are times when mail delivery sees a few hiccups because of mistakes with people's addresses. If we can't trust our own letter carriers to know where we live, then whom can we trust?

According to NBC Washington, the Maryland counties surrounding the nation's capital are having trouble with mail delivery of late. Residents of several neighborhoods in Montgomery County, for instance, have contacted local media outlets to drive up awareness of this problem. Mail has been delivered sporadically and to the wrong addresses several times in recent weeks.

Residents of Bethesda and Kensington in particular have been affected by this growing problem.

"I've gotten stuff for neighbors that are pretty important tax documents and I've had to deliver underneath their doors," said Carly Glazier, one concerned citizen in the area, according to NBC.

Some homeowners in the D.C. suburbs have contacted their post offices, hoping to see changes soon, but the picture is looking pretty grim. Some residents of Bethesda have complained that they haven't received mail in a week.

This story goes to show that no one is immune to problems with address management. Even large-scale government organizations, with considerable resources at their disposal for collecting and maintaining contact information, encounter trouble.

All offices, be they private companies or government bureaus, have a need for clean contact data. It's a key element of success at any level, whether in business or public service.