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Address verification could be used for broadband mapping

Rachel Wheeler Archive
A new organization established to carry out broadband mapping throughout the US could use address verification to help complete the task, reports Business Wire.

The Business Information Services Consortium (BISC) will help states to map the supply and demand among their residents through a range of customized solutions that will include verifying data quality in categories like public policy and digital literacy.

New America Foundation, BroadMap and One Economy comprise the consortium and will use geographic information system technology to keep available information up to date.

Daniel Perrone, chief executive officer of BroadMap, told the website: "Our collective experience and platform enable us to compile the multiple layers of real-time data of location and serviceability, either as a full-service approach or as a complement to state efforts."

Around $4 billion worth of federal funds are available for investment in regional broadband infrastructure and BISC offers a way to inform states of what they need.

In other news, zip code software is being used to provide online details of available school bus routes in Madison County in Kentucky, according to the Richmond Register.