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Address verification could make mail greener

Rachel Wheeler Archive
Practices such as address verification are available for businesses looking to adopt greener mailing practices, both to save money and to be kinder to the environment.

Address verification is an important element of any business as nearly 20 per cent of firms change location each year and around two per cent of all outgoing letters and parcels in the US are sent back as returned mail, according to an Oce Business Services survey.

Checking client addresses on a regular basis could help to reduce the expense of re-sending, which costs $3 for every individual letter or parcel, while it could also produce savings on resources such as paper and envelopes as well.

Further savings can be made in terms of the use of resources as well, with measures such as smaller font sizes and margins and double-sided printing all potentially helping to reduce the amount of paper being used and therefore saving money.

Address verification will be carried out in the coming weeks and months by staff from the census bureau to make sure no-one is counted more than once in next year's census.