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Address verification for 2010 census gets underway

Rachel Wheeler Archive
Surveyors are beginning the address verification process across the US as the census draws closer.

These individuals will confirm that every house is entered into the Census Bureau's database of details, with those performing this task checking address data using hand-held computers.

Linda Kirby, Wixom city clerk, tells that she has emailed residents in the Detroit area to alert them that the exercise will be taking place.

She states: "I was concerned people would see strangers in their neighbourhood and get upset … We want to encourage folks to participate and be aware this was happening."

Following up the address verification process, questionnaires will be delivered in 2010 and census takers will visit properties where this is not returned.

The operation is mandated by the Constitution and participation is required by law, with the form taking less than ten minutes to complete.

It takes place every ten years and the information is protected by federal legislation.