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Address verification 'is essential to close law suits'

Rachel Wheeler Archive
Those completing class action lawsuits should ensure they have address verification systems in place at the end of the process, it has been claimed.

Writing for The West Virginia Record, Brett Hersh, owner of HBS Class Action Administration, commented that following the action, the income of members must be properly reported to the Inland Revenue Service, social security administration bodies and members' states.

"This post-settlement stage, of course, is the administration stage, and it involves many steps and sub-steps: addresses must be confirmed and corrected, checks cut, member inquiries dealt with and funds efficiently distributed," he commented.

Mr Hersh went on to compare the administration aspect of a lawsuit to a short game in golf, stressing that it is essential to the successful completion of a deal.

Earlier this week, reported that eliminating returned mail is essential to ensure the success of firms that rely heavily on direct marketing campaigns.