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Address verification is 'vital'

Rachel Wheeler Archive
Address verification solutions have been described as a "vital" component for businesses if they are looking to expand.

Writing for TMCnet, Susan Campbell highlights the need for organizations to have the solutions in place if they wish to "thrive" in a world where information pertaining to location is important for success.

"Address verification can ensure less returned mail, lower mailing and packaging costs, fewer address correction penalties from carriers, less waste, greater returns on sales and marketing campaigns and faster customer payments," she notes.

The software also carries additional benefits. For example Ms Campbell adds that correcting information at the point of entry is "more economical" than trying to fix it once it is already in the system.

Meanwhile, she says that getting address data correct will not only be beneficial to businesses, but also to the end customer.

Incorrect information may lead to companies' reputations being tarnished and will reduce the overall customer experience.

An article by the Wall Street Journal revealed that filling out address labels incorrectly can lean to costly penalties from US postal service providers.

Posted by Rachel Wheeler