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Address verification needed to claim from food bank in Marin County

Rachel Wheeler Archive
People looking to claim food from the Marin Community Food Bank in Marin County, California, will need to produce address verification.

The food is being made available today (November 12th) from the Department of Agriculture and is free of charge for individuals or families living on low incomes, reports the Marin Independent Journal.

Local residents can collect food from a site specifically allocated for their ZIP Code and should ensure they can produce evidence of where they live in order to receive the packages.

Individuals visiting the food banks should not be earning more than $1,354 a month, while the guidelines for two- and three-person families are $1,821 and $2,289 respectively.

In other news, the Republican Journal recently reported that ZIP Code software is now being used by the Central Maine Power Company to gain address data from callers reporting local power outages.

The information is gathered so the company can respond more quickly and improve the efficiency of its operations.