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Address verification software can help 'drive business growth'

Rachel Wheeler Archive
Investing in address verification tools can have a positive effect on the success of an organization, it has been claimed.

TCM Net contributing editor Susan Campbell has highlighted the benefits of investing in the technology to help drive business growth.

Citing published reports in the industry, the expert explained that the average US company loses between 20 to 40 per cent of its customers every year.

Ms Campbell added that having the technology to keep "just five per cent more" of their customers could lead to a significant boost in profits.

"With the amount of business you stand to lose without address verification software in place, you can't afford to not take this vital step," she wrote.

"As the cost of acquiring new customers continues to rise, you have to take advantage of low-cost strategies to maintain your base and extend the value of that business."

Address verification software, Ms Campbell stated, is a cost-effective method of achieving this goal.

Posted by Paul Newman