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Address verification software could help personalize direct mail campaigns

Rachel Wheeler Archive

US marketers looking to get the most out of their direct mail campaigns should look to personalize their communications, it has been suggested.

Writing for Overnight Prints, Mark Haslan has recommended that marketing professionals add value to their campaigns by helping consumers to connect with a particular brand.

The marketing expert said that one way of achieving this was by offering promotions to potential customers to encourage them to purchase particular goods.

"Small business owners are now trying to figure out a way to encourage consumers to spend money at their shops," Mr Haslan noted.

"Though consumer spending was up in the first quarter of 2010, many shoppers are still looking get a lot of value out of their purchases."

Companies can use address verification software to ensure that their communications are targeted and personalized.

A recent article for suggested that direct mail was still relevant in modern marketing because of its personalized nature.

Posted by Rachel Wheeler