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Address verification software is 'vital for direct mailers'

Rachel Wheeler Archive

US marketers who use direct mail as a means of communicating with their customers may wish to use the United States Postal Service's (USPS®) Summer Sale to forge new relationships, DMNews has reported.

Writing for the news provider, Mike Yapuncich, vice president of product development at Experian Marketing Services, recommended that businesses take advantage of the mass-mailing discounts that are on offer.

"By reducing postage costs by approximately one-third on the incremental mail volumes, it reduces the break-even point on these mailings," he explained.

However, Mr Yapuncich highlighted the need for companies to ensure that any customer data that they possessed was accurate.

Using a third party service's address verification software would ensure that address data was current and accurate and could boost response rates by up to 40 per cent, the expert claimed.

During the USPS Summer Sale, organizations will receive a 30 per cent rebate for every mailpiece that they send out in excess of 105 per cent of what they mailed during the same time period in 2009.

Many industry commentators have said that effective direct mail campaigns need to be targeted and personalized to individual customers.

Posted by Richard Jones