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Address verification software targets unpaid taxes

Rachel Wheeler Archive

Address verification software is being used within one state to crackdown on unpaid taxes, it has been reported.

An article by Government Technology highlighted the need for a new system to be implemented in Franklin County, Ohio, after clerical errors and ageing address data was causing an increase in the amount of returned mail.

Phyllis Roberts, the Franklin County treasurer's office customer service supervisor, explained to the website that at one stage there were 14,000 returned bills, something that prompted them to invest in Experian QAS' address verification software.

It resulted in the returned bills being cut to just 2,000 within one year thanks to the fact that the software is "mapped directly into our real estate program and just pops up," ensuring the address is correct, Ms Roberts said.

The United States Postal Service (USPS®) highlighted the importance of checking address data to make sure it was correct late last year.

It advised using ZIP Code verification software to minimize the risk of errors occurring during postage.

Posted by Richard Jones