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Address verification to confirm details in Pennsylvania

Rachel Wheeler Archive
Two townships in Pennsylvania are to undergo address verification procedures to provide necessary information for the 911 emergency system, reports the Ponoco Record.

A new numbering system is to be sent out in letters to over 90,000 residents of Lehman Township and Monroe Country so that address standardization can take place and 911 emergency responses will be able to track callers by their address.

Zip code software will be used for the system and the process could take a year to fully orchestrate. Existing addresses will be recognized for another year to give residents time to change their details with utility companies and other organizations and ensure bills continue to reach recipients.

Once addresses have been verified, residents should mark their property clearly at the end of their driveway.

It is also worth remembering that address changes need to be registered on driving licenses within 15 days.

In other news, it has emerged that the famous Beverly Hills 90210 zip code almost underwent a change within the last few weeks, but the local council voted against it, according to the Beverly Hills Courier.