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Address verification to take place for census bureau

Rachel Wheeler Archive
Staff from the census bureau are to visit every street in the US to carry out address verification for citizens across the country ahead of next year's census survey.

Once the checks have all been carried out and any address corrections have been made, the questionnaires will be sent out to every home from the beginning of March next year to collect all the relevant information.

The census form will contain just ten questions and as such is the shortest document of its kind that the census bureau has produced in over 200 years.

Robert Groves, the census director, reiterated the eco credentials of the modern process: "The printing of 2010 census questionnaires uses 30 per cent less ink than ten years ago and will be printed on 30 per cent recycled paper."

He added that every attempt has been made to ensure the process is as environmentally-friendly as possible, while address verification will make sure everyone is counted just once.

Mr Groves is the 23rd director of the census bureau.