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Address verification tools give retailers 'an edge'

Rachel Wheeler Archive
Online retailers in the US that decide to utilize address verification technology will gain an "edge" over their competitors and improve their customer service levels.

This is one of the primary findings of a new study conducted by Experian QAS, which looked into the performance of the top 100 online retailers.

According to the results of the report, those organizations that chose to use address verification software were enjoying a number of benefits over their competitors.

"By utilizing advanced address verification, online retailers are able to improve deliverability rates, decrease costs and improve customer satisfaction," said Thomas Schutz, senior vice-president, general manager of Experian QAS.

"Employing this type of interactive tool gives top online retailers an edge over their competitors that ultimately leads to increased revenue."

Meanwhile, new figures released by comScore have highlighted the lucrative online market.

The research firm revealed that online spending in the US through December reached $30.8 billion, a 13 per cent increase versus the same period last year.

Posted by Richard Jones