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Address verification tools needed by the e-commerce sector

Rachel Wheeler Archive
As the e-commerce sector continues to grow, the demand for address verification solutions in the online environment is becoming more prevalent.

In particular, consumers making purchases off the internet are keen to know that their information is not at risk, TCM Net reports.

Address verification software helps to verify the billing address of the cardholder, thus ensuring that the card is being used by its legal owner, the news provider explained.

“The software is designed to check the billing address provided by the user against the address recorded with the credit card company or the database of the bank. If any discrepancy exists, the user is notified,” it noted.

Indeed, the e-commerce sector is the “perfect fit” for the address verification tools as it allows businesses the ability to verify the card without the owner being present - protecting both the retailer and the consumer.

“Merchants have a duty to verify the authenticity of the card used in a transaction and this software provides them with a powerful tool to do so,” TCM Net added.

Posted by Paul Newman